Quality is Our Priority at Scott Electronics, Inc.

Quality is Priority at Scott Electronics, Inc.

Scott Electronics, Inc. has over 75 years of combined quality assurance experience. At Scott Electronics we feel that quality is the basis of a solid management system and progressive production thinking. Our quality assurance standards are reflected in our customer satisfaction approval rating of 99%. We have developed our quality standards from 1986 to the present with one goal in mind, that is 100% customer satisfaction.

Our ability to sustain our lean initiatives has continued to drive our efficiencies up and quality PPM down. We have refined our Lean Process so that there are less handoffs, material at point of use, reduced human error, more knowledgeable assembly staff and direct quality training within the cells.

  • ISO 9002 certified, UL, CSA
  • 15 point employer certification training program
  • Automated customer test data available
  • Certified calibration system in place
  • Test and measuring equipment is calibrated by an outside source traceable to N.I.S.T
  • All jobs or processes are verified for acceptance
  • Working toward ISO13485 medical registration

Custom Design Testing...

Scott Electronics does a 100% 1st article inspection and test on all cables and harnesses. Our work cells provide in-process and functional testing. There are full time quality assurance representatives in all our work cells that train, test, and collect quality data. This data is used in cell meetings in order to continuously improve our process.

Test Capabilities include:

  • Customer Designed Test Fixturing
  • Harness Testing
  • Electrical High-Pot Testing
  • Capacitance And Inductance Testing

Printed data can be supplied at the customer's request.

Scott Preventive Maintenance...

All presses, applicators and hand tools are subject to certification and preventive maintenance programs. Our trained employees are responsible for the daily and monthly upkeep of all equipment at our facilities.

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