Learn more about our specific facilities and how they can better cater to your Electronic Manufacturing Services needs.

Salem, NH

Our Salem, New Hampshire facility is dedicated to providing a Lean/Green environment that is committed to helping create customer solutions. We provide electronics manufacturing services for many industries.

When choosing an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Solutions) provider you need to closely align yourself with a company that shares your dedication commitment to excellence and have the ability to support your current and future needs.

We provide a dedicated professional management team able to offer global solutions with respect to engineering, materials and manufacturing needs. This has made us one of the most respected names in the contract manufacturing industry for quality and on-time delivery.

We have a strong relationship with our financial institutions that have helped us show continuous growth and stability for the last 25 years. With the help of our dedicated workforce we have become leaders in our industry producing a quality product on time and on budget. Our customers continued commitment and belief in our competencies and values are reflected in the decades of relationships created between our staff and customers.

" End your search for a qualified supplier and begin your journey with a valued partner"

-Scott Metzemaekers, Director of Quality.

Advantages of our Salem Facility

  • World Class Customer Support
  • Engineering Support and CAD Design
  • Continuous Improvement Systems to add more value for our customers
  • High Mix, Low to Medium Volume
  • Kanban Programs
  • Prototype to Production Builds
  • ISO 9001:2008 UL and CSA Certified
  • IPC-620
  • 1 1/2 Production Shifts

Nogales, Mexico

"The Scott Electronics Mexico team commitment is a combination of selfless determination and a relentless dedication to excellence. Excellence and continuous improvements are always the goal."

-Mark Ruth, Plant Manager, Scott Electronics Inc.

Our SEI Mexico facility is the near shore alternative to offshore production, without expensive travel costs, language barriers, logistics and communication issues. Why Mexico? We have been providing affordable, high quality manufacturing from Mexico since 2002.

We have a dedicated and experienced management team able to provide global Solutions for companies seeking to increase profits. With close proximity to the border our C-TPAT certification allows us the use of the FAST lane that will eliminate delays and that reduces cross border time, product is delivered in 2 days from Mexico to Salem. Working closely with our team in Mexico, we have been able to establish new assembly start ups in less than 4 weeks. We have a dedicated supply chain that offers consigned inventory, freight free delivery and a value added materials management that allow us to stay focused on the customer’s requirements.

Your point of contact is an account manager in Salem, NH with FOB point of Nogales Az. or Salem, NH. We also offer many dedicated stocking and Kanban programs. Click here to inquire about our offerings.

We offer a lean/clean manufacturing environment that works with single piece flow, and batch builds that are dedicated to a "do check" and "do mentally." We have a documented quality defect rate to our customers of less than 600ppm's.

Advantages of our Mexico Facility

  • High Mix, Low to High Continuous Volume
  • Prototype to Production Builds
  • Affordable and Labor Intensive Manufacturing
  • Kanban, Finished Goods, Consigned and Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Services
  • ISO, UL Certified
  • C-TPAT Certified (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
  • Complete Management Team of Engineers, Manufacturing, Quality, Trainers and more.
  • IPC-620 Class 2
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Environmentally Friendly - We Recycle all Wood pallets and Material Scraps.

Why Mexico?

Why Mexico May Be The Better Option…

Looking for a comparison of manufacturing costs and other benefits of Mexico vs China? Many companies are now taking a harder look at manufacturing in Mexico over China. Some of Mexico's advantages over China are..

  1. Lower transportation costs.
  2. Experienced dedicated and family oriented work force.
  3. Proximity to North America
  4. Easy access for customer factory visits.
  5. Short material transfer transit times. (3 days)
  6. Fully burden cost between China and Mexico are now very close to each other.

Avg. Manufacturing Wage

The fact that Mexico allows it's currency to appreciate in the world currency market allows wages to remain relatively stable. China on the other hand does not allow the Yuan to appreciate in the world currency which makes the Yuan susceptible to spikes and uncertainty in wage growth. The Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed in 1994 has also stimulated grow through fewer taxes for material not allow it's currency to appreciate in the world currency which makes it susceptible to spikes and uncertainty in wage growth. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) established in 1994 has also produced growth between the U.S and Mexico with fewer duty's and taxes.

Some quick comparative facts of Mexico vs China Manufacturing.

From anywhere in the U.S. you can be at our facility within 10 hrs or less, and be there less than 2 days.
Engineering and customer visits normally need months of preparation and at least a week out of the office.
Economy is closely tied to the U.S. with long term trend of the Mexico peso slightly deflationary to the dollar.
Currency is artificially tied to the dollar, but inflation is significant, putting a strain on the low labor costs that are now rising.

Product can be shipped per box or pallet, with relatively low shipping costs, and in most cases with little or no duties.

Shipping time from Mexico is 3 days

Generally need to ship in containers and loads that are not flexible.

Duties and tariffs can be substantial depending on tariff code.

Possible dock strikes may also hold up product.


Any issues can be addressed with our Salem facility, product can be made in both facilities. Root cause will always come from our Mexico facility though so future issues are not a problem.

Current quality is under 300ppm

Many quality issues arise at start-up, given the distance and communication barriers it is very difficult to deal with the rejects logistically. Many times product just needs to be scrapped.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is protected by Mexico's courts, who typically respect and enforce the rights of our customers.

Intellectual property in China is not respected and many times counterfeited.

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