About Scott Electronics, Inc.

Scott Electronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company incorporated in 1986. We are a total solutions manufacturing provider for all your cable, harness, electro-mechanical and fiber optic assemblies. Our customers, both large and small, receive our undivided attention as we treat every one as if they were the only one. Our work with our customers is integrated into an array of products that span between medical devices in your local hospitals to homeland security products in your local airports. Our guiding philosophy has been to work towards continuous improvements in all facets and facilities within our business model. We continuously monitor our changes to be sure they are sustainable.

"Think like a customer and work like an owner" is a feeling we all have at Scott Electronics.

We are a green thinking business, and act responsibly when it affects our environment. Our employees have initiated various programs within both of our facilities that directly affect the environment that their children and others will be living in for years to come. The following are programs, initiatives and materials that we have targeted as recyclable.

  • Installation of new lighting fixtures through out the facility to reduce energy needs
  • Installed auto light on/off switches
  • Recycle all scrap wire and raw materials
  • Recycle all scrap paper and cardboard
  • Re-use cardboard boxes from our Mexico facility
  • Re-use all packing material from suppliers and our Mexico facility
  • Eliminate the use of popcorn packaging material from suppliers
  • Recycle used batteries
  • Recycle bottles/glass and aluminum cans

Our vision is to be the industry leader in advanced manufacturing practices and techniques within all our facilities. This belief is one that we stand by and our employees have embraced for the last 15 years that we have been involved in lean manufacturing practices. Our people are the company and our success has been in large part from their hard work and due diligence.

Our support for lean practices throughout our facilities has put us in a very good position for future growth and allows us to hold cost on an ever evolving commodities market.

Our unique bond between our facilities will continue to enhance our culture and our shared vision in the development of efficient, high quality operations and services. Our customers recognize that our vision is something that has been deployed within our facilities and it is one of the reasons they stay with us. Our name is one that is recognized as a leader in reliability and quality among our customers and the industry.

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